Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where are they now?

I’ve put up ChrisMix-Oh-Six and ChrisMix 007 on iTunes. Go get some good music, if you’re into that whole downloading thing.

It was interesting to look at some of these songs now. A few quick observations.

Bands I don’t listen to much anymore
1. KT Tunstall. She had her 15 minutes of fame shortly after I discovered her, which always ruins it for me.
2. Lady Sovereign. I moved on to Lily Allen, then onto Kate Nash for my cockney fix. Listening again she’s still fun, just not terribly interesting musically.
3. The Blow. It’s tricky making a mix for a whole year. I really liked this song for a couple weeks, which happened to be the couple weeks I was making the mix. It’s certainly not a bad song, just not one that frequently gets added to my normal mixes.
4. Eskimo Joe – Another song I loved last December, so it made it. Though listening to the whole album, it is pretty good.

Generally though, the songs have held up very well. Chances are pretty good that any given mix I’m listening to has a song or two from these lists. And I’ve continued to follow lots of the bands. For instance:

The Weepies are still great. I wanted to add Nobody Knows Me At All to this year’s mix, but the rules of ChrisMix prevent it.

I really like a track of Kate Nash covering The Black Kids’ I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend to Dance with You. It’s funny that I got both the original song and this cover within a day of each other. Again, in my top songs of the year, but a rehash from last year's artist.

ChrisMix 08 is nearly done. Put in an order if you’d like one.


ESO said...

It goes without saying, right?

Amy-Alisa said...

I'll pay for my shipping.

Erin said...

Me, me - I want one!