Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stop being productive

I was going to post a hilarious commentary on why I don't like salt, titled What's the Deal with Salt?, but decided to spare you. Instead I'll provide you with a couple links to waste your valuable time.

I was reminded of this clip as I was studying this morning and my phone said "Second tip: Go to bed early, you doofus!" I realize that most people don't have jokes as their text-message alerts, but hey, I'm not most people. I highly suggest watching it several times in a row, because it gets funnier.

Brule's Rules: Living

Increasing on the offensive scale: The Retarded Policeman. They claim (the actor and his brother the writer) that it's not offensive or exploitive because the actor (who has Down's) knows what he's doing and likes entertaining. Maybe it's not exploitive, but it's definitely offensive. And awkwardly funny.

Goodbye Officer Monkey

Moving further up on the offensive scale: Children's Hospital. Wrong in pretty much every way imaginable. That's talent. They particularly target Grey's Anatomy, but no one is safe from their wrath. Did I mention this was offensive? Don't blame me when you don't like it.

I just lost 50 minutes of my life.

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