Thursday, October 05, 2006


Two unrelated points: Lost and Tornados.

I suppose I’ll start with tornados, since they actually involve my life, not just an hour in front of the television. We had another tornado in Columbus yesterday, this time considerably closer to my apartment. Other than a barn burning down because of lightening, I haven’t heard of any specific damage the tornado itself did. The real problem for me was the hail. The radio said that the hail was dime-sized, but when I went out into the storm (because I’m smart like that) it was most definitely nickel-sized. I suppose I can be thankful for no quarters or half-dollars falling from the heavens, but I was rather put out by this hail and it’s impact on my car.

When the hail first threatened to smash the windows of my apartment (I don’t know what the structural integrity of these windows are, but it was certainly quite loud) I thought about going out to protect my precious Subaru. But I really had no options of where to move it, so resigned myself to whatever damage might occur. I checked it this morning and it was mostly alright. There are no obvious dents, though you can see some pock marks if you move back and forth. Yet another weather adventure in Columbus.

Last night was the season premiere of Lost. I had caught myself up a couple weeks ago in preparation for the event. I inadvertently got my roomy hooked on the show as he watched a couple episodes with me and he’s been watching the first two seasons the last couple weeks. He hasn’t quite caught up to season 3, so I had to promise him not to erase any Lost episodes off the Tivo until he gives me the go-ahead.

Honestly the episode wasn’t amazing. It was good, but not like last season’s premiere. Last year they hit the premiere and the show flipped inside-out, much as Alias would do every season. The big reveal (which I’m obviously not going to reveal to you) just wasn’t earth-shattering. Interesting, but it didn’t really surprise me. Whereas the average episode of Lost gives you several “what the heck is going on?” moments, this episode only had a couple, below average and certainly below what you’d want for a premiere. But I still have high hopes for the season. The last season lagged a bit in the middle, but ramped up very well near the end. There are still plenty of mysteries left on this island and it’s going to drive me crazy having to wait a week between each show. I suppose I could study.

Song of the moment: “Overkill” Colin Hay


Amy-Alisa said...

I think 'Lost' looks a lot more interesting this season than last, they always have to leave you with more questions than answers and it drives me crazy, yet brings me back for more. Here's to another season.

Erin said...

Maybe you should get a cover for your car, if you can't park it inside a garage or underneath something. At last that way there wouldn't be direct contact between the hail and your paint job.