Monday, October 09, 2006

Pertinent Points

1. On Friday I learned how to play cornhole. According to wikipedia this game is popular among college students in the Midwest (it originated in Cincinnati) and Nascar enthusiasts. It’s kind of like horseshoes using beanbags, and played in teams. I cheated though, because I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be drunk to play. One of my anatomy buddies bought a house and we played at his house warming shindig. Good times.

2. On Saturday I cultured myself by going to the Gallery Hop. Once a month all the art galleries in Columbus stay open late and the spaces in between them are filled with street vendors and performers. And tons of weirdoes. But really, the weirdoes were more interesting than the art. Some of the best were a satyr/mime guy, a band with a drunken Bjork imitator and a handsaw player, and roughly 2000 gay men.

3. On Sunday I got my calling. It only took 9 weeks, not that I’ve been counting and with each passing week growing more confident of the ineptitude of the ward. And after all that I was called to be the Elders Quorum Secretary, which I’m pretty sure constitutes just going to EQ, which I usually do.

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