Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Talent Hacking

Commercials drive me crazy. Like most things this stems back to my ego; if someone makes their career out of making commercials they should be able to do it better than I think I could. My current gripe is against unoriginality in advertising.

LG recently launched a campaign for their Chocolate phones using Goldfrapp’s song Strict Machine. The phone and commercial have been very successful (you could argue which prompted the other) and the song was briefly the most downloaded song on iTunes. Great for LG, great for Goldfrapp, great for everyone. Then Motorola releases their new KRZR phone and guess what band they play on their commercials. Oh yes, Goldfrapp, this time singing Ooh La La. That took a lot of thought.

At least Goldfrapp is a relatively new band and thus the two cell phone companies are going with something “hip.” There are currently two commercials for upcoming movies (Flushed Away and Stranger than Fiction) using the song Don’t Bring Me Down by the Electric Light Orchestra. I like the song, and can kind of see the connection to either movie, but of the thousands upon thousands of songs available today, they both decided to use the same one?

Originality people. That’s your job so do it.

Song of the moment: silence for hardcore studying.

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Amy-Alisa said...

Maybe you are wasting your time at medical school. Sounds like you might have a higher calling.