Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Product Endorsement

I am a connoisseur of all manner of prepackaged foods, but candy bars are a particular favorite. I try not to indulge too often, but on Saturday I was next door to our local International Store (I don’t remember the name of the place, so we’ll settle with that generic name) and had a craving for some Cadbury goodness. I’m sure when other people buy imports they get art or furniture, but the only thing I get from outside of the country is candy. And luckily this store has a reasonable candy section crammed between the pottery and the wine.

I bought two new varieties of chocolate. The first was a Yorkie bar. I’d seen them before at Many Lands in Provo, but never ponied up the 1.50 you must pay for fine imported junk food. The main reason I bought the bar was because it has the awesome slogan of “Yorkie: Not for Girls.” It even includes a crossed-out female silhouette in case an illiterate woman attempts to buy one. I don’t know how well this advertising goes over in Britland, but I thought it was pretty awesome. I was disappointed to find that it was just plain chocolate, but it was certainly better quality than Hersheys. It is also shaped a bit like a Toblerone, which at least provided some tactile variety. All in all a good buy.

I had actually gone to the store to buy a Flake bar and was disappointed to see that they were not currently carrying them. If you’ve never had a Flake you should fly to England immediately (or Canada if you’re lazy) and get one. They’re awesome. Basically it’s just chocolate but it’s been rolled extremely thin and layered on top of itself. They’re a pain to eat, but definitely worth it. Instead of Flake’s they had SnowFlakes, which are much the same as the original, only in white chocolate. They did have the audacity to cover the outside of the white chocolate with regular chocolate, thus eliminating the distinctive shape of their predecessor. The SnowFlake was tasty, but it was no Flake.

And now you know.

Song of the moment “Faster Kill Pussycat” Paul Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy


Catherine Elizabeth said...

Did they have Lion bars? Those are the best.
Well actually, they very best is homewheats, but maybe you disagree.

Catherine Elizabeth said...
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Amy-Alisa said...

Homewheats are good, but I still love the Wunderbar best. Cadbury's is definitely the best chocolate. Nice and creamy.

Lindsay said...

I bought a Yorkie in Stratford-upon-Avon specifically because it says not for girls. I later discovered that their sayings vary. One says "No Wenches on the Benches" and I think there was one about "Birds" but I can't remember. I like Cadbury with Caramel inside the best though.

elliebo said...

My tastes lately have evolved (implying progression and refinement) to Paydays of late. There is something (deceptively) wholesome and nourishing about them.

Jeanette said...

My sister bought me a Yorkie while she was in London, and I kept the wrapper. It was just too funny for me not to.

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