Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guilt free

I don't feel guilty for not writing on you blog. If I had the time to write something substantial this week, I'd use that time to go on a date. Or maybe sleep 8 hours. So I don't feel bad about that.

But here's another quick post, not about me, but about some media.

It's December, the worst time of year for television. It's a barren wasteland from here until February. So I'll help you out a little.

Best show I watched this week: Louie.

I love Louie CK. I don't love him because he's funny, but he is. I love that he says horrible bizarre things that he believes to be true. He talks about, and to some extent does, things that our culture considers wrong and bad. But according to his morals, he's acting correctly. I respect that. Also, he's funny. And this show is funny and actually makes you think.

Best show I watched this week that isn't rated R: Raising Hope.

For whatever reason, I've never been able to get into My Name Is Earl. But this show is kind of similar. Let's laugh at the trailer trash. But where I've never laughed at Earl (and hence, never watched for more than a couple minutes) this one gets me pretty regularly. The protagonist, Lucas Neff, is fine, but kind of run of the mill. But Garret Dillahunt, playing his father, is golden. I've never seen him do comedy before, but he kills it.

If you're jaded, watch Louie.
If you're still a nice person, watch Raising Hope.

You're welcome. Hope you survive until February. You could try making friends instead of watching tv, but I don't really recommend it.

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