Sunday, July 11, 2010

Best Commercial of the Year

I'm pretty unforgiving of advertising. If you asked me last week if you should buy a Kia, I'd have said no. They named a car the Sportage. Clearly, such a company makes an inferior product.

But then I saw this commercial. I watch almost all my television via computer/Tivo/DVD, all commercial-less media, so commercials have a tough time making it to my eyes and ears. But the stars aligned and I came across this one. Now I fully support you in your decision to buy a Kia. Any company that produces such advertising is trustworthy.

Also, you should be using Old Spice deodorant.


anna. said...

those old spice commercials are close to being the best ever. and i don't typically use my superlatives freely.

Lindsay Anne said...

This commercial has the exact opposite effect on me, personally. I now feel that no one should ever buy a Kia.

Willy Wonka's candy that is "scrumdiddylumptious", however, is another matter. It's all in the words.