Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not cool Universe, not cool

Yesterday's post may lead you to believe I expect everyone to be good at everything. Not so. Obviously everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Except Dorota Rabczewska.

Let's start with the obvious, she's gorgeous, albeit skanky. Not that it's really a measure of beauty, but she has posed in Playboy. The Polish Playboy, but still.
Add the fact that she was nationally ranked in track and field. Polish track and field, but still.
Add the fact that she's one of Poland's most popular pop stars.
Add the fact that she has her own tv show.
Add the fact that she's in Mensa. Polish Mensa, but still. Actually Mensa is an international organization.

Is that fair universe? I submit it is not.

If you enjoy Britney Spears videos (and at least 50% of you do) here's one I rather enjoyed:

Avoid looking at her belt buckle

If any of you know Polish and would like to let me know what clever wordplay she's crafting using her genius IQ I'd appreciate it.

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ESO said...

that made Amos cry