Monday, October 06, 2008

On the Bad List

50 Cent

I discovered last week that my movie, The Legend, had been removed from Youtube. Not the whole thing, just the first third. Why! I cried to the heavens. First I cursed the name of David Hasselhoff. Surely his lawyers somehow found the clip of him I used in the video. But after searching through the Youtube records I discovered that 50 Cent demanded my video be removed due to his song playing in the background of the credits. Real gangster 50 Cent. Whine about me using your song behind my back. I didn’t even get a complaint, they just took the video away on the sly. It’s a bit strong to say that I hope you get shot by a rival rapper 50 Cent, but I certainly hope you get tased or something. My apologies to David Hasselhoff. You are still awesome.


I registered to vote today, the last possible day in Ohio. That’s my style. In my defense I’m pretty sure I’m registered (I voted 2 years ago) but I thought I’d go through the paperwork again just in case. The med school, knowing that we’re cripplingly busy provided the forms in the back of our classrooms. Only one problem, they’re not so much registration forms, but more registration for Obama forms. The top half was appropriately neutral, but then the bottom consisted of a liberal checklist. Did I want to register as a Democrat? Would I be voting for Obama? Would I like to participate in the Obama campaign? I didn’t check any boxes.

I was sitting at a stoplight the other day and noticed a couple walking down the street. Hurray for cardiovascular exercise! I then saw the man walk up onto a lawn, pull the McCain sign out of the ground and throw it in the next house’s trash. As I drove away the couple continued walking down the street. Really guy? You need to destroy someone’s sign? The 20 Obama signs on the street were offended by the 1 McCain one? There’s a slight chance that this was his own home and something on his walk had convinced him to become a Democrat. But seeing as he kept walking away, chances are much higher that he’s a douche. I really wanted to follow them home so I could spray paint GOP graffiti all over their house. Not because I love tagging or want to destroy their property; just so they’d think the Republicans have satellites watching their actions at all times.


ESO said...

1--kudos for coming to the attention of 50 c.
2--I am sure the registration forms were provided by the Obama campaign. That means they really want you to vote, regardless. We are like that.
3--I have 2 lawn sign stories.
a--A house in Pittsford village had a McCain sign one day. I don't see many, so I noticed. Next time I drove by, there were hand-painted signs out that read "We are still voting McCain/Palin even though you took our sign." I thought that was pretty funny. They have a new McCain/Palin sign up again.
b--over the weekend a Victor man was arrested because someone saw him pulling out McCain signs. The police pulled him over and found his car full of McCain signs AND Cub Scout signs! Such dedication!

Amy-Alisa said...

Looks like Obama supporters also have a tendency toward theft. That's not good, and it's a pretty jerky thing to do.
"I'm still voting Obama/Biden even though other Obama/Biden supporters are making us look bad."