Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween History

As I discussed my Halloween plans for this year with a coworker today, she asked if I was a costume person. I’d never considered myself as such, but I guess I am. I’ve already established that I’m a Halloween person, though the costumes have never been a conscious draw. But I wear my leprechaun hat at St. Patricks, dress as Dwight for Office parties, wear my Cuban shirt when I eat Hispanic food, etc. I like to get into things. So I guess I am a costume person.

I much prefer high concept costumes. 3 Hole-Punch Jim is a great example. On the Office Jim put 3 black circles on his shirt and was 3 Hole-Punch Jim. That’s really my kind of costume. Buying a costume is pretty worthless. You need to make something yourself, preferably with little to no budget.

Here’s my Halloween History.

I gave up on Trick or Treating pretty early, so don’t think I dressed up much after age 12 or so. Before that I don’t have much recollection. I know I was a vampire at least 2 times, perhaps more. Not surprising. I know I was The Shadow one year, almost certainly the year after that movie came out. I was also The Flash once, again the year after that show became popular. Beyond that, I don’t recall.

In the year 2000 I was Tie Man. I wore every one of my ties. Not my best year, but it was fun to fashion the ties into various articles of clothing.

2001 – I was on my mission. I swapped nametags with my companion for the church Halloween activity. There were a number of old people who never recovered from the confusion, so we didn’t repeat this in 2002.

2003 - I was half of Kris Cross. My roommate Curtis and I did this together. Chris and Curtis, pretty close to Chris and Chris. If I hadn’t done this already I could’ve been more authentic when I moved in with another Chris the next year.

2004 – For one party I was a cowboy. Not high concept. But I did get to wear my giant belt buckle. For another party I was an undercover cop, posing as a beat poet. That once was better.

2005 I was in China, so didn’t dress up for Halloween per se. I did participate in the Fall Spectacle, where I dressed as a farmer and Agnetha Faltskog.

2006 I was Wolverine. I thought this was clever because I dressed as a hybrid of the Wolverine character and wearing Michigan apparel. I figured there wasn’t anything scarier in Ohio than Wolverine wearing wolverine apparel.

2007 I was the one, the only, Jemaine Clement. Almost no one knew who I was, most thinking I was being Dwight again. Lack of recognition didn’t really concern me.

2008 Yet to be revealed.

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