Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Fair Trade

I consider myself something of a creative genius, but I’m stumped. When I got called as Sunday School President last month my bishop gave me a unique challenge. He wanted me to come up with Sunday School Activities. Events sponsored by the Sunday School, and relating to the Sunday School curriculum, that took place outside of church. Huh? I’m supposed to come up with something churchy for the ward to do on a random Thursday night? Fun I can do. Lessons I can do. Fun lessons even. But spiritually uplifting activities that have my unique flare? This I’m not sure about.

I’ll make a trade with you. I’ll provide some fun activity ideas for you and yours. In exchange you can provide me with an idea for a Sunday School activity. Scripture Chases will not be accepted as a valid answer.

1. On Friday we went to a haunted corn maze. It was pretty sweet. Lame, but simultaneously awesome. They had the most ridiculous booths set up. Rabbit petting, a goat obstacle course, stacks of mattresses to jump on, and best of all, a giant pile of sand. Just a pile of sand. Go find your nearest equivalent and have yourself a ridiculous evening.
2. Last week we had Tacos and Dominos night. I bought a fairly sizable quantity of Mexicany ingredients and we spent a couple hours cooking/eating and then played Dominos. Dominos is a pretty good mix of luck and simple strategy that makes for a good party game.
3. The week before we went Mormon Barhopping. I decided that it would be fun to visit various ice cream parlors in Columbus and sample their wares. The route I planned included five of my favorite ice cream shops, but we crashed after four. Even though we shared dishes at each location, there’s still only so much ice cream that can be eaten in a night.

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Erin said...

What do you think of an activity where people do skits/re-enactments of scripture stories, maybe adapting them to modern times. I think that has potential.

Once our ward compiled a list of scriptures for us to try to memorize (we actually were supposed to pass them off with activities committee members) and then we had a game-show type activity involving those scriptures - filling in missing words, putting words in order, matching reference with quote, etc.