Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why 30 Rocks, Return to My Island, or not studying for ACLS

On Thursday we had people over to watch the return of NBC Thursday. I assume NBC has in fact been on the air every Thursday since the Writer’s Strike began, but I’m not a big rerun fan these days. I don’t have time for programming I’ve seen before.

As expected The Office was the big draw. Really, do you know anyone that doesn’t like The Office? Saying that you like it doesn’t actually reveal anything about your personality. Now I can’t really complain because I do in fact love the show. But because I’m an elitist, I’d really prefer that the rest of the world didn’t love it as well.

In a stroke of luck they put 30 Rock on before The Office, so the dozen or so people crammed in my front room had to watch 30 Rock with me before viewing what they actually came over to see. And once again I was reminded how much I love 30 Rock.

Though The Office is still a very funny show, it really isn’t novel any more. Most episodes are pretty sitcomy and even the great awkward moments (and this week did have some fantastic awkward moments) just aren’t as fresh as they were a decade ago when the British one premiered. I’m too lazy to look up when it actually premiered, but I suspect it was a decade ago. 30 Rock on the other hand is just such a great melting pot of comedy. I think I may have written previously on how great 30 Rock is, but again I’m too lazy to look it up. Suffice it to say that it consistently throws jokes at me that I’m not expecting. Pot shots at celebrities, random sight gags, obscure references to politics, obscure references to previously mentioned fictitious happenings, inane characters, clever wordplay, I could go on. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are both superb, Kenneth the Page has yet to run out of steam and Tracy Jordan is actually funny now. Amazing, I know.

Which brings me to my point: my second island member is Tina Fey. Cerie may bring more raw sex appeal to the show (see the following clip if you wish to view some raw sex appeal, and really, who doesn’t? : ) but Tina Fey is the one that guys to sit on the beach with me. She’s described in one episode as a sexy librarian, which seems apropos. That was my first attempt as using apropos, and I’m pretty sure it was incorrect. But I’m trying new things and that’s what’s important.

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Erin said...

Amen to the 30 Rock shout-out. That show consistently cracks me up.