Monday, February 18, 2008

I should throw a party

Demetri Martin believes that saying you’re good at Checkers is basically saying you’re not good at anything else. I can’t say that I’m good at Checkers, but I recently reached a milestone in my Spider Solitaire career.

To explain and perhaps justify myself, I don’t spend my free time playing Solitaire. I play it when I’m studying. Though I am capable of sitting in bed for 8 hours studying, I am certainly not studying the whole time. Rarely I will take a break for a TV show, snack, shower etc. But each of these takes 20 minutes, which is a sizable disruption of my productivity. So Spider Solitaire has become a standard break. I can play a gain in 3-7 minutes, which is exactly what I need before getting back into endocrinology or whatever else I’m drilling through.

So what’s my milestone? I just reached a 1:1 record. It’s actually 222:222, but it’s what I’ve been seeking after for the last few months. I would suspect that my current success rate is close to 70% (on medium mode, if you’re judging against your own performance) but with a poor starting performance and many incidences of quitting games before finishing kept me at 48 and 49% for several months. But now, mediocrity is mine.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hard to imagine how this game will be an entertaining diversion now that you have reached your goal. Guess you will have to pick up knitting now.