Wednesday, February 13, 2008

But they increase eye hand coordination!

Some guys are way into movies, as are some girls. It doesn’t seem terribly lopsided either way. Some guys love music, as do a relatively equal percentage of girls. Books, magazines, television, internet, they each seem to have the same story. Perhaps there’s a slight male preference for internet, but I think it’s certainly arguable that they’re the same.

Where is there no argument? Video games. It’s test week so I’m not going to do any additional research, but the following video clip claim three times as many med are addicted to video games. I’d wager it’s more than 3:1 in terms of general video game usage.

In any case, this little blurb is interesting:

It's CNN, but it might be trustworthy

Certainly, video games are popular among males because they’re primarily made by males with a male audience in mind. But I’ve still wondered why I so infrequently find an Xbox in a girls apartment. It’s nice to know that there may be a neurological reason and not just that they’re spending their free time in art museums and soup kitchens.

Incidentally ladies, an Xbox in your apartment = hot. I don’t have time to play them anymore, but if Halo 3 were a valid dating activity I’d definitely date more, and probably be married.

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