Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I should probably post something about my life, but tonight's not the night. Instead I will leave you with this fact:

I own 38 t-shirts.


srusson said...

Does this mean you're not going to pity me any more? I tell people the same thing sometimes...Wow, you own more shirts than anyone I know. Impressive...well, I just recently found blogspot. It seems like good fun. It's interesting to see what people write about on their spots!

emily said...

admitting to owning 38 t-shirts could mean:

you are so bored you counted them
you have too much money on your hands
you need to donate 30 of them immediately
no one should get you any for Christmas
you are simply trying not to spread germs to your students (I read an article that Dr.s regularly spread germs from patient to patient (and self and family) on their watch bands and ties, which are never washed)

Anonymous said...

And how many real shirts?