Sunday, September 16, 2007


I haven’t written here in a while. There’s no good reason for it; I’ve just been busy. And when I have to choose between doing things and writing about the things I do, I choose to do things.

An interesting event of late is that my car’s brakes broke. It was rather inconvenient, but thankfully not dangerous. Before heading into the shop I mentally prepared for a particular price. This was rather silly since I know nothing about cars, but still, I decided how much it was going to set me back. Unfortunately it cost ten times the amount I’d prepared myself for. But due to my massive tuition and consequent massive loans, money has really ceased to have any meaning. So I took out my credit card, paid and went on my way. I need rotors after all. To try to balance out the damage to my finances I only spent a dollar at Wendy’s instead of my normal two.

Perhaps as a form of catharsis I went to a demolition derby last night. It was certainly enjoyable to see the cars smash themselves to bits. I had hoped for a completely redneck crowd, but most of them actually looked pretty normal. There were a couple hillbillies here and there, but nothing too extraordinary. There were ten matches or so, some of which were very entertaining. But really when you have cars hitting each other until one of them stops working, it generally is pretty slow near the end. But it was a good time. We also saw “the shortest street in the world” which we knew didn’t actually hold that honor. But it was an entertaining sign to see, and the street was remarkably short.


peetie said...

What are car breaks? I didn't know cars had things that were supposed to fall apart. Glad I don't have a subaru.

Emily said...

Um, are you wearing a Boy Scout jacket?

Ranteumptom said...

No, it's an Orkin jacket. Which isn't necessarily better than a Scout jacket. I'm also wearing my John Deere shirt and belt buckle. When in Rome.