Sunday, April 29, 2007

Burned Out

This is why I don’t date:

I’m throwing 2 parties next week (for the release of Spiderman 3 and Cinco de Mayo, both of which require celebration.) I anticipate that each will have between a dozen and three dozen participants.

I organized a group date this week to go see the Imani Winds. I was turned down 6 times before I found a date.

Admittedly, this was a tough sell. She had to like classical music. Not only that, she had to like a wind quintet playing Latin/African/Asian music. The show was great, but even I had no assurance that it would be (other than being 1/5 bassoon.)

If by some slim chance the girl that I went with reads this, I do like her and did have a great time. The fact that she was my seventh choice was not a statement on her quality, just that she’s not someone I often associate with, so wasn’t my immediate pick.

My parties are more successful, don’t involve rejection, and require about the same time and energy. Now I just have to convince myself that the Celestial Kingdom is organized around the party system.

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