Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Going for the record

I’m trying to recover from my weekend. I think I’m almost there, but I’m considering not having another one this week. Here’s what went down:

We started the weekend on Wednesday last week. We hit up our typical Brazenhead expedition to feast on ½ price burgers. Then we had our first social gathering of the week: Lost night. It was a great episode and a good time was had by all.

Thursday we crashed the Relief Society book club. It was really a very light crashing. For one, I had actually read the book earlier in the week so they’d have no formal right to protest. And for two, we had our own table where we discussed Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, so we weren’t actually a part of their group anyway. We followed this up by having people over to watch The Office/NBA playoffs. We then had a group of about a dozen stand in line and watch Spiderman 3 at midnight.

Friday we had a ward activity where we hung out with the Stake Presidency at Deseret. Deseret is a privately owned neighborhood that some rich Ohio Mormon built, complete with a ritzy house for each of his kids, a pool house, indoor basketball court etc. Odd stuff, but fun. We were supposed to go to an Empinada party, but ended up gathering at Stacy’s for basketball.

Saturday we were invited to eat breakfast with a guy in our apartment complex. I got about an hour of stuff done then we had to go to a barbeque where a friend was showing off her nieces and nephews. That night I threw a Cinco de Mayo party where we all made smoothies, listened to mariachi music and eventually watched more NBA playoffs. It went until about 2, which was a little hurtful the next morning, but it was a pretty successful to-do.

Sunday I was in charge of running a potato bar immediately following stake conference. Baking 80 potatoes, transporting them to and fro and tricking the ward into singing in the choir while I set things up required some skill, but I was up to it. The lunch was my main event of the day, but I also ended up attending a birthday party, a memorial for the cadavers we dissected, a CES broadcast at the Bishops and a viewing of the SNL special. I didn’t really see my home until after midnight, and needless to say, got nothing constructive done.

Monday’s only planned event was a Ultimate Frisbee competition in the evening, but we ended up having a bunch of requests to use our enormous television. So we watched the Jazz game until about 1 in the morning, at which point my weekend finally ended.

Six days, with at least two parties per day. In some cases I had to stretch the definition of party, but still, it was an action packed weekend. I hope to not have one so full in the near future.

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Erin said...

You lead a tiring life. How does med school fit into that schedule?

What is your review of Spiderman 3? I plan to see it in the next week or two.