Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Sorensene Day

Saturday was one of the longest days of my life. It wasn’t bad at all, just insanely long. On Friday I finally came home at 7 pm, after having studied on campus all day. I was immensely tired and decided to remedy this by going to sleep. Unfortunately this meant that I woke up at 2:30 am, having already received a full night’s sleep. Bryce and Mark were still up from the previous evening and were quite surprised to see me waking up at that time. Luckily I had a presentation to work on so had plenty to keep me busy until 8, when I had to go meet with my group. I was busy all day running errands, putting together the presentation and getting ready for Saturday night. What was I preparing for? The Sorensene Film Festival!

Several people had repeatedly asked to watch my BYU movies, mostly due to the relative popularity of my most recent movie. I like people watching the movies, but really don’t like watching them much myself (I spent far too much time watching them over and over again in the editing process) so put together this event so everyone could watch the movies at once.

The festival was pretty successful. We crammed about 30 people into our front room, which undoubtedly violated any number of fire codes. I had planned on about 20 people, though admittedly I didn’t have a plan to seat that many either. But we made do, with the help of extra blankets, pillows, a Lovesac and people that enjoy sitting on each other’s laps. Like any good film festival I made sure we had a Cookie Buffet to keep everyone satiated. I decided that since I was pressed for time I wouldn’t make cookies, but would instead buy Oreos and decorate them. This ended up taking nearly an hour, so will probably never be repeated.

I think the movies went over quite well. I made up a Glossary of terms to help people understand the BYU jokes in the movies. The dating film is pretty universally appealing to a Mormon audience, but the Cops movie definitely needed some explanation. The SWKT movie had a mixed reaction, as it always does. The combination of historical jokes and snarky dialogue require a very specific audience, which may only include myself.

Afterwards we had a much smaller contingent that stayed over to watch the Eagles play the Saints. I have relatively little interest in the NFL (it being a sports league) but I was happy to see the Saints win. Afterall, they are one of my dozen home teams. I only bring up this game-watching because I couldn’t go to sleep until everyone left, which wasn’t until after 1 in the morning. Normally this is no problem, but since I had been up since 2, it made for a 23 hour day. I’ve pulled plenty of all-nighters in my life, but it was unusual for me to have a 23 hour day with a full night’s sleep before and after. Such is my life.

Song of the moment: “I Can’t Decide” by Scissor Sisters