Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Aiding Your Consumerism

I would like to official endorse Diet Rite: Pure Zero: White Grape. Yes, the name is far too long, but the soda is delectable. It’s a solid mix between grape soda and sparkling grape juice, with the calories of neither. Splenda, blessed be thy name. My habit is to have a case of Diet Dr. Pepper in the cupboard, plus a box of something else. Normally this changes every couple weeks, but this is my third box of DRPZWG in a row. I’ll probably swap it out for something else this coming week, but still it’s been quite the run. I’ve also taken to freezing Clementine oranges and using them as ice with the White Grape. It probably doesn’t change the flavor that much, but how else am I going to finish a whole box of oranges before they go bad?

I’m close to withdrawing my iPod endorsement. Last year at about this time my iPod broke and I bought a new one. Guess what happened this week? My new iPod broke in exactly the same way. It permanently thinks that it’s locked, making it a dang expensive paperweight. When this happened last time I eventually had the iPod fixed by a specialty store. It took the guy a whopping 2 minutes to fix, but cost me 20 bucks. I’m morally opposed to paying some random guy ten dollars per minute, and don’t know where I’d go in Columbus anyway, so decided to fix it myself. I borrowed a friend’s tool that assisted me in prying the iPod open. Unfortunately I was unable to locate the exact problem, so just tried to clean out the locking mechanism. I’d like to say that I fixed it, but I only half-fixed it. Now I can get the iPod to work, but I have to squeeze the top portion of the screen as I mess with the buttons. It’s quite inconvenient so I’ll undoubtedly end up at the Apple store some time in the next couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

So what is the proper pronunciation of DRPZWG. I vote for "dripzwig".

Lili said...

Is the time you took to pry your ipod open, and fixing it to where you have to squeeze the screen and mess with the buttons really not worth paying someone you don't know $20 to fix your Ipod? once you become a doctor, aren't you going to be a random person people will go to (and spend much more than $10 a minute) to get things fixed? You should reevaluate that moral oposition.

Amy-Alisa said...

I will keep my eye out for it, but hold little hope, Utah doesn't seem to be so hip to the Diet Rite.