Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Med School Update

I haven’t been terribly communicative about medical school.  The reason behind this is that I haven’t really received a lot of new information in the last several months.  Consequently there was nothing to report.  However, after about a week of research I’ve made a decision of sorts.

I’m pretty, relatively sure, to some extent, that I’m going to Stony Brook.  Probably.  

For the last several months I’ve told people that I’d probably choose Syracuse.  The reasons behind this prediction included:

  1. I liked the facilities better.

  2. I would be able to return home to Rochester relatively easily.

  3. It’s a larger city, so I thought there would be more Mormons about.

  4. People had heard of Syracuse, they hadn’t heard of Stony Brook.

  5. The church is right in town, as opposed to SB where I would have to drive for thirty minutes to get there.  

Both Syracuse and Stony Brook have the same tuition (19 thousand, which is low for med school) and similar curriculums, so those factors dropped out. However, after my studying I’ve decided that SB would be the better choice.  The reasons for this include:

  1. Although Syracuse is larger, there’s really nothing I want to do there.  Stony Brook is an hour from NYC.

  2. Although they’re the best state schools in NY, SB is the better school.  It’s nationally ranked, and Syracuse is not.  

  3. The Singles Branch at SB is actually larger that the one in Syracuse.  I’d have to drive for half an hour, but it’s twice as large, and if I went to the city there are actually wards.  

I have yet to make the calls to make it official, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll stick with Stony Brook.  Of course all this deliberation is for naught if I get accepted to other schools.  I’ll drop SB pretty quickly is Ohio, Columbia or Mt. Sinai call me in the next couple months.  I suppose I should develop some school loyalty, but I’m still pretty mercenary.  


Amy said...

And in what are you going to be "making the drive" to church?
Look out Stony Brook, here comes Dr. Kissyfur!

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