Friday, May 05, 2006

Doctors > Dentists

Proof 1.  I went to the dentist yesterday, and never actually saw the dentist.  When you can be completely replaced by your assistants, you’re not very important.  I’m not going to venture into the hotly debated nurse versus dental hygienist debate.  

Proof 2.  Rappers don’t call themselves dentists.  They do call themselves doctors.

Proof 3.  There are no dentist tv shows.  The other night I had to decide between watching House on one channel and Scrubs on the other.  Why don’t we have Tivo!  I ended up watching House with Scrubs during commercials, which seemed to work better than the alternative.  I’m now abandoning my proofs to comment expressly on these two shows.

I have never seen House before, but thought it was fantastic.  I’ve been told by several people that I should look into the show because I resemble the lead character.  Sarcastic?  Check.  Intelligent?  Check.  A doctor?  Almost.  Walks with a limp?  Only occasionally.  But I did find it highly enjoyable.  House does make Mulderian leaps of logic that are highly unlikely, but still fun to watch.  I now have to ask myself if House should be my new role model, or Becker.  Becker may win out, but only because I have an unhealthy fascination with his assistant, Shawnee Smith.  If you’re a male you definitely need to look her up.  

Scrubs is also an admirable show that I rarely find time to watch.  Perhaps my newfound unemployment will allow me to partake more regularly.  I very much enjoy the humor of Scrubs, which is probably a better reason to watch than viewing Becker for the scenes with Shawnee.  I love both dry and quirky humor, and Scrubs brings both to the table in abundance.  I like how they don’t feel the need to include a laugh track.  It bothers me when Debra stares at Raymond and they bring in the laugh track (I also value the humor stylings of Everybody Loves Raymond, but not this particular aspect.)  I’ll laugh when you successfully deliver an amusing scene and not a moment before you manipulative producers.  But Scrubs frequently does so, and for that they receive my coveted praise.

Song of the moment: “Incredible Medicine Show” Moxy Fruvous  


Emily said...

For what it is worth, I have been to numerous doctor appointments where I did not see a doctor, just other super-nurses.

I frequently like the nurses better.

Amy-Alisa said...

And FYI- the wife's name is Debra, not Brenda. Maybe you need to watch that show more.

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