Monday, May 15, 2006


It’s my 100 post party!  Hurray for blogs!  Truly Mr. Blog was a great man, and the world will praise his name for centuries to come.  Technically this is my 101 blog entry, but I didn’t notice last time.

Because I’m such a generous soul, here are some quick movie reviews.  Watching bad movies so you don’t have to is only one of the services I offer.

Mirrormask – I quite liked this one.  It was trippier than Labyrinth, but did sadly lack David Bowie.  I didn’t hate the child actor, which is quite an accomplishment for any film.  Go see it!

Trainspotting – This movie thoroughly convinced me not to try heroin.  The near-constant swearing and plentiful violence and sex mean I can’t really recommend it to anyone, but I did quite enjoy it.  I think it’s the Scottish accents that make everyone seem so charming.

It’s All Gone Pete Tong – An interesting movie about a deaf DJ, but ultimately quite skippable.

Kinsey – This wasn’t the motion picture from a couple years back, but the PBS documentary.  It was extremely interesting how this one man both pioneered the scientific research of sexual behavior and also brought about the sexual revolution that has so harmed the morality of America.  Very educational.

A History of Violence – I thought this movie was great, but again was too graphic to readily recommend.  Vigo is just too good at killing people in nasty ways, and has a bit too much screen time demonstrating his love for his wife.  But it was surprisingly deep, especially considering it was based on a comic book.

Swingers – I loved some of the dialogue, but John Favreau ruined it for me.  I didn’t find him nearly as likable as his supporting actors.  

Chinatown – This one was great.  It kind of bothered me that there was really no way to figure out the mystery yourself, but I was interested the whole time.  I can’t say whether Nicholson is really a good actor; he always seems to play himself.  But watching him is darn entertaining regardless.

The Mothman Prophecies – Hands down the best Richard Gere movie ever.  But then again, I do hate Richard Gere.  I had rather low expectations, but after the slow beginning I was sucked in until the very end.

Hurray for 100 entries!  Though even more exciting is watching the hit-counter because until it hits 2006 it looks like historical dates.  Keep an eye out for your birthday.


Amy said...

Was this the first time you have seen Swingers? That would surprise me if it were. And who are you getting these movie recommendations from? Do you have a list of movies you wanted to see, or do you just go to Blockbuster and think, "Man, what were some movies that did really badly in the theater? Because I've got to see those?" I have to admit that you are a very tolerant movie watcher.

ellie o said...

Amy is kinder, gentler, and more tactful regarding your movie watching than I might be--but she is a loving sister and has to be.

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