Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday - Olympics

In honor of the Olympics, here's a London-based band, The Alpines. Though to be honest, I listen to London -based music most of the time.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Music Monday: Simplicity

I'm not a musician, but I suspect this would be an extremely easy song to perform. But for all its simplicity, it gets the job done. The song is catchy and the video colorful. Most bands do worse.

Plastiscines - Barcelona 

Friday, July 06, 2012


Between blogging and life, I choose life.

No, no one has put a gun to my head and made me make that choice. What an odd movie that would make. I've just been busy with non-virtual things, so my virtual things have gone to pot. And all things considered, I'm not too crushed by that.

Recently I've had the added complication of having no internet. It's been a whole week. I'm pretty confident that my being without internet for a week is much worse than those of you who have been without electricity for a week. And I can safely say that because you can't read this.

I have no internet because my roommate took his wireless router. And my fancy apple-majigs won't work without wireless. So rather than buy one myself, I'm waiting for my new roommate to install his, which has yet to happen.

Last Saturday I was supposed to have my carpet cleaned. Knowing such things to run late, I said I'd be there from 10-12, expecting them to come on the latter end of that window. They came at 5 PM. Now, people give doctors grief for waiting in their offices too long. But do they make you wait 7 hours? Every hour or so I'd call and they'd have a new excuse. First there was a job booked before mine they hadn't known about. Then they were having problems with the machine. Then they were on the way. Two hours after being on the way they still weren't there (they must have been coming from another state) so I called again. The receptionist told me, confidently, that they were in my apartment.

They eventually came. My landlord pays for the service, evidently always has, but for some reason they couldn't accept that today, even when he called them. They had to find him face to face. Then the actually got to work. A minute later they determined my carpets were uncleanable.

My landlord is actually a reasonable enough guy, so he immediately schedule my carpets to be replaced. Only problem being I would have to move all the furniture out of my room. The point of this story was that for a good portion of the week I've been living out of my living room, filled with 3 rooms worth of furniture (it's original, plus mine, plus my roommates) with no internet.

But now the great migration and filtering of stuff has begun. I'm throwing away all manner of things (alarm clocks? Who uses those any more?) and reorganizing my apartment as well as my brand new office at work. And in the end I feel that this is far too accurate:

Only minus the computer.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Music Monday: Inappropriateness

I'm guessing that the lyrics to this song are inappropriate. In reading about this band, Nikita, I found several articles that referenced "fierce sexuality" as a theme of their music. And indeed, if you watch the music video for this song the two of them wear nothing but censor bars for the entirety of the video. That being said, it's a pretty solid song. And while I feel a bit bad getting songs like Call Me Maybe stuck in my head because they're so meaningless, I don't have to feel bad about that with these foreign songs. Because I can pretend that they're singing about the dangers of totalitarianism or the poetry of the spheres. But they're almost certainly not.