Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jim's Choice

Today on My Island: Office Wars! This would have been much more topical a year ago, but I’m a bit slow.

Pam Beesly versus Karen Filapelli.

Who gets a spot on My Island? Forget Jim, this is all about me and mine today. The winner is:

Pam Beesly! Pam was actually the first person to win a spot on My Island, after Kate, who’s already living there. But why did Pam win? This brings up three important points.

1. I’m not quite as shallow as you think. Because on a strictly aesthetic basis, I think that Rashida is more attractive than Jenna. Jenna’s no schlub to be sure, but Rashida just edges her out. So selection for My Island is not purely on physical appearance, though I certainly admit that it’s a largely shallow (and quite pointless endeavor.)

2. It’s all about the banter. I recently realized that the main thing I’m looking for when I date is the ability to banter. To have a quality banter you must have similar senses of humor, common interests, compatible intellects and interesting personalities. Attraction and banter, that’s really all you need. Karen was by no means a banterless wasteland. She was clever, funny and engaging. But Pam beats her. Pam, though less acerbic, usually has a witty remark for the situation. She plays along with jokes and initiates them herself. She’s a fantastic conversation partner. And that’s why Ms Beesly gets a spot.

It’s worth noting that Pam made it, not Jenna. Having seen her in Blades of Glory and Walk Hard, it’s just not the same. I appreciate the following scenes:

But the sparkle isn’t there.

And why about Jan? If she always wore the following outfit she’d be a stronger contender:

But she’s also a crazy person, and is banterless, so doesn’t make the cut.


Amy-Alisa said...

When did this blog become about lingerie? Pam wins hands down. For my island, though, I only have a ticket for Jim.

Ranteumptom said...

I think lingerie has always been a hidden subtext.