Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trying things so you don't have to

I am compulsively drawn to ridiculous food. From Double Down sandwiches to Deep Fried Cookie Dough to Bacon Flavored Chocolate, if it’s bizarre or innovative, I want to try it.

Fast food innovation usually just means making an existing junk food even junkier. Like Onion Rings? Take out the vegtable and inject chicken paste (thanks White Castle.) Like Egg McMuffins? Replace the muffin with pancakes with syrup ON THE INSIDE (thanks McDonalds.) Like ice cream? Add bacon and maple syrup to your sundae (thanks Dennys.)

So when I heard Taco Bell was replacing their ever-so-boring taco shell with one made out of Doritos, I was sold. One of my favorite things living in Columbus was that it is a test market for fast food chains, so we’d sometimes get fast food items so ridiculous they never make it national. So when I was in OH back in December I heard about these Doritos Tacos (known as Doritos Locos Tacos, because they’re CRAZY) I went to more than one Taco Bell looking for one. Sadly, I had to wait until yesterday to get one.

The review: almost exactly like a regular taco. The Doritos fake cheese flavor isn’t strong enough to compete with the fake meat and vegetables in the taco. So you get a tiny pre and aftertaste of Doritos, but that’s about it. The much bigger difference is that the shell starts breaking apart as you eat it because the shell thinner and flimsier.

So, try it if you want, but it will not change your life, or even your meal significantly. Maybe if they come out with a Cool Ranch one the story would be different.

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katilda said...

wait....fake meat?! ....ahaha jk jk