Friday, March 23, 2012

State of the Lack of Union

No, not a piece about politics. For some reason I keep checking up on these primaries and healthcare debates and whatnot every day when it just aggravates me. So I’m definitely not going to write about them. Nor am I going to write about being single even though this would be a good title.

The good news is that when I’m not blogging that’s generally a good indication that I’m busy doing things I like. When I’m busy doing things I don’t like I’ll still blog because it’s a great procrastination tactic. And when I’m not busy, well that hasn’t happened in many years. So no blogging recently has been because I have been otherwise occupied.

So an update.

Work – I have finally returned to my good old home, the mental ward. After months of being loaned out to other things that I don’t really want to do (child psych, working at the VA, urgent care) I’ve finally returned to the bread and butter of psych: involuntary inpatient care. Urgent care in particular wreaked havoc upon my schedule with 12 hour shifts far across town where I constantly felt I was about to be punched. But now I very rarely feel like I’m going to get punched, so it’s blue skies. I’ll be doing this until July, when I’ll switch to outpatient care, which I think will be good times. My nemesis, being on call, will be over then, and so I expect to be much more pleasant and rested. Sorry everyone for the last 18 months.

Though I’m getting my AZ medical license in a couple weeks, so I can start working a second job. So I may not actually be more rested. But I will be making more than minimum wage, so that will hopefully counteract my sleep deprivation and make me good company again.

I saw Radiohead last week, which was awesome. I’m seeing Florence and the Machine in a couple weeks, which I suspect will be awesome. Fringe, Mad Men and Game of Thrones are starting up, which should be awesome, albeit in much smaller quantities.

My record collection is expanding. My 20 dollar receiver is entirely inadequate for my needs so I can’t rock out to my Sex Pistols or Best of Bowie vinyl, but we’re making headway.

I threw my first trivia contest a couple months back and am starting to put together questions for my next one. Competing in trivia has been tricky with my schedule and rotating cast of regulars but we’re getting it together.

I am buying myself a video camera this afternoon, and filming of my latest opus will begin in May. Put together your best audition monologues.

All in all, things are pretty good. The lunchlady at work (are they still lunchladies when you’re outside an elementary school?) always tells me “Better times ahead” when I look tired. So every day, that’s just how I look. Hopefully that’s true, but right now isn’t so bad.

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