Friday, November 26, 2010

Riddle me this

What is your interpretation.

Yesterday, Girl A told me that I should date Girl B. Girl B has previously told me that I should date Girl C. Girl C has previously asked for my advise about how to get boys to ask her out.

My math:

Girl C can have one of two views:
1. She is following the age old trick of asking someone you don't want to date about dating. Despite their opposite gender they get immediately pushed into the friend category. Potential tension (potension?) dissipated. Thus doesn't like me.
2. She doesn't follow this social norm, and was asking me about dating to build intimacy, moving us closer to dating. Thus may like me.

Girl B has on multiple occasions told me to ask out Girl C. Does not like me.

Girl A out of the blue stated she thinks I should date Girl B. Does not like me.

On the plus side, Girl C seems to feel I have some sage wisdom regarding dating, and Girls A and B want me to date their friends. So that's a plus.

Also, I have too much time to dissect social situations, which should be spent finding Girl D.


amibelle said...

Have you thought that maybe girl C told girl A and B to tell you that you should date her? I vote that you should just take girl C out, since more than one girl has suggested it and it seems like you are friends already and maybe that she has been trying to get you to ask he out already. I hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

What amibelle said.

Anonymous said...

I think you should start dating girls that just say what they mean instead of playing strange mental dating games. We spend way too much time invested in discovering what people are not saying about dating instead of just finding people who are genuine, open and honest. IMHO this is what's wrong with LDS dating.