Saturday, September 11, 2010

Utahcation: Day The Rest

Day 2 was my “reason” for going to Utah. The ostensible reason was going to a wedding reception. The real reason was to hang out with other people who happened to be going to a wedding reception. But first, I had some time to kill. And I am an excellent time killer.

I wandered around my old haunts for a while. I found it very strange that my brother happened to live 100 feet from one of my old apartments, and 100 feet from another. And while I didn’t have any particular attachment to either, I did walk around both. Then I walked up to BYU campus.

First, and most importantly, the girls. Turns out, BYU girls are in fact as cute if not cuter than I remembered. I was a bit confused at first, as the girls were registering as both cute and not so cute. Then I figured it out: I wasn’t in Arizona any more. All the short shorts and tube tops had been replaced with pants and Y t-shirts, or even sweatshirts. I don’t think I’ve actually seen any tube tops in Arizona, but comparably skimpy attire. But now, these girls were fully clothed. Also, being in Utah, 50% of them were holding hands with someone, even at 10 in the morning. Oh puppy love.

I’m not terribly sentimental, so tried to figure out what I needed to re-live while I was on campus. First and foremost I wanted some hot bread from the Cougareat, but sadly, it was sold out. I realized at that point that I hadn’t had anything but cookies and NOS in 24 hours, so decided to continue the streak by getting a cookie and Creamery chocolate milk. I considered getting some chocolate covered cinnamon bears, but Arizona has made me paranoid about things melting, so I didn’t want to carry them around with me all day.

I strolled through the Wilk, the Marb, the library. It’s all still there. But seeing as they’re now filled with people I don’t know, it wasn’t terribly interesting.

I met up with Stiletto for lunch. It had been a couple years. I have nothing to report other than we had a good time, L & L is still delicious, and she nearly made me late for the reception.

I didn’t feel too bad though, since I wasn’t actually invited to the reception. That’s right, I’m a wedding crasher. I’m dangerous like that. But seeing as I don’t like wedding receptions, I’ve never had reason to crash one before. But that’s where my friends were, so crash I must. I had 8 or 9 of my Ohio peeps there, so it was a fun reunion. The reunion was a bit premature given I have only been gone for 3 months, but it was certainly better than meeting new people. Some new people tried to introduce themselves to me over the weekend and I steadfastly refused. I needed a break.

Perhaps a bigger event than the wedding was the after-party. Probably not for Gary and Sachi, but for the rest of us. We drove out to Heber for our We’re Still Single So Will Eat Junk Food and Lick People Party. There was only one licking. Half the guests were locals, but since I wasn’t about to meet new people this weekend, I don’t know who they were. Apart from they were 98% blondes. But again the old Ohio crew had a good time partying, relaxing, and touring the palatial mansion where we were staying.

It has occurred to me that this report is pretty boring, so I’ll fast forward. I spent another half day with my Ohio peeps, before we sadly left our luxurious lodgings. Seriously, it was one of those houses that made you hate rich people and urgently desire to be rich at the same time. After that I spent the next couple days visiting BYU friends, mission friends, China friends and Ohio friends. Even one person that was primarily an internet friend. Plus I filled in the gaps with hanging with my brother, picking up my own personal supply of secret sauce at J-Dawgs and generally trying to remember my way around Provo and SLC.

Tuesday I drove back to Phoenix, with 2 headlights and 0 stops by the police.

That was my Utahcation. May my next vacation be more exotic but equally satisfying.

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