Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oh blog. Bloggity bloggy blog. The more times you say blog the less it seems like a real word.

The problem has been this: lots of little things have happened, but nothing big. Hence, no blog posts. If I actually used my twitter account I guess it could have kept you guys updated. Unfortunately I just use it to hear about what Bill Murray’s up to. Not much btw.

So I don’t know what’s new or exciting to report. Here’s a problem with me: I adapt way too quickly. New stuff only seems new for about 30 seconds, and rarely seems exciting. After that 30 seconds of novelty, it’s same old same old. So it makes it hard to report on the new, despite most everything being new. But I’ll try, by just reporting lots of little things.

Turns out there are no Key banks in Arizona. To compensate, it also turns out that Frys is owned by Kroger, so I don’t have to learn a new grocery store. Score one for the home team. But now I don’t have a bank, which is inconvenient. I opened a new Chase account today and the lady asked me how much I’d be keeping in my account. I stared at her blankly (really, I did) because I have no idea how to answer that question. When’s the last time I actually had an income? Eventually she moved on.

Although it took 30 seconds for Arizona to seem like the norm, it did take my body a week to adjust. To compensate for the 100 degrees, zero humidity weather my body kept producing mucous for a week. Hey body, inconvenient and inappropriate. Eventually it stopped, and I got my first ever nosebleed. Once that stopped there haven’t been any problems. The temperature really hasn’t bothered me that much. Admittedly I have never stayed outdoors for longer than an hour while the sun is up, but that’s not that different from when I lived somewhere with normal temperatures.

I’ve stayed reasonably cool, as has my apartment, the only problem is my car. I forgot that a box had a wax candle in it, and only remembered the melted waxy oil started seeping through the side. I also left my scriptures in it one day and a bookmark melted into a portion of 1st Nephi. It’s ok, I’d already read the page.

I’ve found my favorite donut place, BoSa Donuts. And my favorite ice cream place YogurtLand. I haven’t found any healthy food yet.

My apartment complex is infested with 2 things: hummingbirds and cats. Having a variety of hummingbirds outside your window? Pretty sweet. Most people would say that having 3 semi-straggly cats roaming the complex is a negative, but I like it for some reason.

I might have to buy polo shirts! This makes me sad, as polo shirts are the devil. But the dresscode at work is different when the temperature is over 100 (ie June-Sept) which includes polo shirts and slacks, rather than the typical shirt and tie. I might rebel and wear a suit instead.

Good news: my class seems pretty cool. In med school there were 200 of us, so really I only had to get along with about 5% of the class and I was fine. But in residency there are 6 of us, so hating someone’s guts is much more problematic. Luckily, I do not currently hate any of the other doctor’s guts, nor do I anticipate doing so. In fact, these may have been the 5 people I would’ve sought out as my work posse. Maybe psychiatrists are just all awesome (sadly, I know this not to be the case.)

United States of Tara is very addictive. It kept me from unpacking for a day. But I'm a sucker for shows about crazy folk.

I wish that I were shy. Then I’d have a good excuse not to meet people. And when I did make myself socialize it would be exciting because I’d be terrified. But sadly, I’m just lazy. But despite this, I’ve been to 3 home evenings, 5 institute classes, 2 ward activities, 2 church meetings, and even 1 choir practice. I’m slowly amassing a list of people I know, some of which seem like they have potential. It’s just a lot of work. And boring. Not that the individuals are necessarily boring (though let’s be honest, I find a lot of the world’s population boring) just that I find the getting-to-know-you process boring. I’ve talked to a lot of people in the last 3 weeks, but 95% of it has been the same blather. My name, how long I’ve been in town, why I’m here, you? Repeat. Yawn. It's not you world, it's me.

Conversely, I’ve had some really good conversations on IM/gchat/fbchat. Mostly this is because I know those people and can skip the small talk. But also, I’m just awesome on IM. It gives me just enough time to amp up my clever and/or charming, so I’m much more appealing than in real life. But maybe I feel like these conversations have been so good because a girl sent me a picture of herself in a schoolgirl outfit and that’s completely biasing my views.

I’ve been ACLS certified, and officially oriented to Maricopa Hospital. Tomorrow I learn how to use straitjackets. I’m kind of joking, but not really.

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Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with the establishment, but wouldn't YogurtLand be more correctly described as your favorite YOUGURT place?

Good job settling in. You should print up some little cards with your name, job, move-in date, etc on them, so you ca skip that chat.

Suggested alternatives to polo shirts: