Monday, December 07, 2009

Things that happened in Boston

1. It rained.
2. It snowed.
3. My umbrella was turned inside out by the rain.
4. An interviewer was upset I was interviewing outside of Boston.
5. An interviewer told me I had a beautiful soul.
6. I had another 4 interviews that weren’t as noteworthy.
7. I had a tour of the hospital that didn’t include the psych ward.
8. I had delicious chocolate carrot cake.
9. I learned how to use The T.
10. I had clam chowder. At the airport. It was still good.
11. I learned that chowder isn’t the official Boston food. Dunkin Donuts is.
12. They do like beans.
13. They don’t like Boston Market.
14. I went to a Mormon church service in an Episcopalian church.
15. I lost my voice, twice. It was inconvenient while being interviewed.
16. A driver asked me for directions, then swore at me when I couldn’t help him.


Lindsay Anne said...

Yep, sounds like Boston. Personally I like it, it's a great city and it has character. But the drivers are crazy.

anna. said...

what were you doing in boston? sounds like quite the adventure ( :