Friday, December 04, 2009


Mistakes I Made Today:

1. Staying up until 3 AM (technically today) playing Batman Arkham Asylum last night. This didn't make me happy getting up this morning. But it did make me happy when I was playing so maybe this was a draw.

2. Spending 1.5 hours looking for a USB cord for my printer. I spent literally 1.5 hours looking around my relatively small room for this cord. I opened the box, took out the printer and set everything on the floor. I tried to connect the printer to my computer not 2 minutes later. The cord had vanished. How could this possibly happen? Had I gone insane? Turns out, the printer doesn't come with the cord, you have to buy it separately. But I did clean up my room, find some old notes, my H1N1 vaccination record, and a missing memory key.

3. Forgetting my iTouch in Ohio. So I had to experience my flight without 30 Rock, The Office or Always Sunny to distract me. No Weeds or The Shield either. Luckily I'm a nerd and have a backup iPod with me, so I at least got to listen to Rescuing the Spectacled Bear by Stephen Fry. It was pretty good, but I still don't know what these Scott's Tots are, and why people are talking about them.

Non-Mistake I Made Yesterday:

1. Seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I had intended to see this movie earlier, but for some reason I suddenly had a burning desire to see it, which began about Tuesday. So I rallied the troops (I'll name them so I get to make up some new pseudonyms: Bookwormwood, The General, Peetie, Swoopes, and Sacagawea) and we went. And it was, for lack of a better term, fantastic. Now I love Wes Anderson (which is kind of indie cliche, but whatever) but normally I don't love his movies at first. I watch them and like them, but don't love them until later. His movies have an aftertaste, which many movies don't. After you've seen it, you keep it around in your head and get a different flavor. But with this movie, I loved it right away. Clever things were happening, on average, every twenty seconds. Which is much higher than most films, I assure you. It was funny, it was pretty, it was family appropriate (a novelty for me) and it was just great all around. If you like me enough to be reading my blog, you'll like this movie. And if you don't like me, I'm sure you have something better to be doing than reading my blog. Like seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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