Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I hate my hippocampus redux

The other night we happened upon the topic of The Chipmunks Adventure. No, I have no idea what brought it up. But sadly, I found that I was able to remember the plot fairly well and even had bits of songs left in my head. After a debate as to whether the dolls they smuggled contained cocaine or not (kidding, it was diamonds and money) I decided I had to find a copy of the movie.

The saddest thing about this story is probably how quickly I was able to find a full copy of the movie. I had it downloaded in under an hour. Why in the world are people streaming this? But in no time I had the movie (along with the soundtrack!) and was ready for a flashback.

I have no idea how recently or how frequently I saw this movie. I do know that in the first ten minutes nearly every line sounded familiar. I didn’t know what the Louvre was in 1987, but I remember Alvin and Simon talking about it. Once again, I desperately wish I could choose what information I retained.

Some funny observations jumping through the movie

1. Didn’t these voices drive parents insane? The 7 main characters are all the same 2 voices, just at different pitches. Dave, Alvin and Simon are all one guy and Theodore and the Chippettes are all the same girl. You can find clips on Youtube where they’ve taken out the voice tweaking.
2. Getting Lucky With You? That’s a creepy song for pre-teen anthropomorphic chipmunks to be singing.
3. The Girls of Rock and Roll? There are few things I can think of less rock and roll than The Chippettes. But holy Flashdance, check out this video: Girls of Rock and Roll

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Amy-Alisa said...

Weird, I just got Luke this movie for his birthday. Mostly because I had such fond memories of watching it (over and over and over). I was so excited that there was a CD included with the songs on it. I remembered pretty much every lyric and most of the dialogue also. Sophie and Klaus- still awesome. The dance numbers are slower than I remembered, and I also found 'Getting Lucky with You' a little questionable. And no, the voiced don't bug me. Love Ms. Miller.