Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Update

• I started off the evening with a med school potluck. I always think it’s kind of funny to do potlucks with non-church people. The potluck seems like a very churchy thing. I don’t have any particular reason for feeling this way, it’s just that I’ve never done them much outside of a ward setting and I guess I think of Mormons as being more domestic than the average individual. But these last two year’s I’ve discovered something shocking: non-Mormons are better cooks than Mormons. Certainly there are some Mormons that are a wonder in the kitchen, but in a dish for dish battle, the med school potlucks have handedly beaten the Mormon ones. A statement on the skill set of 20-somethings in the church? Perhaps. In any case, dinner and the conversation afterwards were quite good.
• After dinner we headed over to Pi Day. I haven’t thrown a Pi Day party in a couple years since an accountant friend feels more passionately about the holiday than I do. I was quite full from dinner so had a single piece of pie, which was a bit sad since there was a fine selection. Although I didn’t join in on the Guitar Hero (the default activity with this particular group of friends) some fine conversation was had.

• I had a great debate Saturday morning: The Saint Patrick’s Day parade, or the NCAA Fencing championships. Turns out that I don’t actually like parades (like fireworks, they often make me think that I like them, only to find upon arrival that they are quite boring) so fencing won. It’s also interesting that while basketball, football and baseball hold little to no interest for me, I end up dragging my friends to go watch fencing, ping pong, and wheelchair rugby. As so often holds true, if it’s popular I dislike it and if it’s weird it’s fascinating. I probably should have brushed up on my fencing knowledge because we did spend most of the time trying to figure out what was going on.
• Because I’m currently in a non-dating period, I let fencing stand as my social activity of the day. I was moderately productive throughout the afternoon and capped it off with Chinese food and a bad movie. It was called Bound if you’re interested, and while bad is rather strong, I was hoping it would be great, and it certainly did not reach great.

• I threw my second annual St. Patrick’s Day-inner. Although I have just bashed on Mormon cooking, this potluck turned out quite well. Bryce made some fine corned beef and cabbage, I made my colcannon from last year and we had a fine selection of food from the dozen or so people that we invited. Although I prefer making new dishes (I recently taught myself how to make flan) the colcannon was pretty popular last year so I gave it another shot. The reviews were once again “This stuff is actually pretty good.” No one’s ever heard of it and it looks pretty ugly, but colcannon has a pretty solid track record. I officially passed the torch of the holidinner afterwards, making up the tradition that one of the people we invited must throw their own potluck at the next holiday. I’ll let you know come Arbor Day or Cinco de Mayo if that pans out.

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Amy-Alisa said...

Why flan? I don't like it and so would never attempt to make it. But you are more adventurous in the kitchen than I am.