Sunday, October 28, 2007


I heard an editorial some time ago about measuring your fame by how quickly your name comes up on search engines. Basically we're all in competition with people who share our names, to see who's the most google-famous.

I don't do very well. I looked through the first 20 or so hits for Christopher Sorensen. Unfortunately for my google-fame, a number of them are professors who publish, so get lots of hit, or entrepreneurs who own businesses, which also get lots of hits. Oh well.

I do however own every instance of Ranteumptom that comes up. I guess making up a word will do that. As I scrolled through my Ranteumptom credits I came across this blurb:

Chris Sorensen studies neuroscience, like most successful writers. He frequently writes for Schooled magazine, but this is his first entry into a reputable publication. He is devastatingly handsome. He returned home to New York to attend medical school. His favorite color is green, and you can read more of his musings at He cannot be taken seriously.

It would be much cooler if someone else had written this, but then I remembered writing it one night when I was asked to contribute a bio to Inscape for their issue that I was published in. Here’s the link if you want to read my article:

The things I find to do instead of studying. Writing silly articles and then finding them on the internet.

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