Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Normally I think weather is pretty boring topic. People only talk about it because you're 99% sure that the person with whom you're conversing has also experienced weather, so the awkward pauses will be kept to a minimum. However I have 2 weather related points to bring up:

It's been dang cold in Columbus. I haven't kept track of weather elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure it never got above 20 degrees last week. There were several mornings where I went to school in single digit weather, which became negative with the windchill. I don't really remember being in such a prolonged cold spell.

This week it's warmer (a balmy 20-30) but we had crazy snow today. We probably got 9 inches of snow, which isn't impressive. But then we got about 6 hours of freezing rain. I was running errands for much of the afternoon and every time I came back to my car it was once again covered in a solid sheet of ice. Luckily I'm easily amused and had a good time shattering the ice repeatedly, but it was still unusual. All of the Columbus schools were closed, including OSU. But not the med school! Because evidently we have some special means of getting about town that all other students lack. Well actually I do have my trusty Subaru, but the dean doesn't know that.

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