Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Calling In Life

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now the Activities Co-Chair for the ward. I got called into the Bishop's office last week and really wasn't expecting a change of calling. I'd only been in the Elder's Quorum for a couple months and figured I'd stay there for some time, perhaps until I left the ward. But I was asked to change and was pretty happy about it.

I had mixed feelings about being the EQ Secretary. I actually do like to organize things, so that was fine. But I really prefer to organize things that I’m in charge of. As secretary I wasn’t really part of the presidency, though I certainly voiced my opinions as often as any of the others. It certainly wasn’t a horrible calling but I didn’t find it particularly fulfilling either.

This calling is an odd one. I realize that activities are important for a Single’s Ward, but they’re certainly not a Gospel necessity. It’s a little odd to think that no matter how good a job I do, it’s not really helping the work go forth. I guess I can focus on keeping people socially active, which I do believe is pretty vital for being an active member. I like my co-chair, I like the committee and it should be an enjoyable time.

I do however need ideas. Let me know what activities you have done that are worth repeating. I guess it would also be helpful to know activities that were colossal disasters. We need to get about 25 activities in per year and I certainly don’t have that many projects in my head.

Here’s my first activity that popped in my head today: American Gladiators. How random is that? And yet, how awesome. I just need to find some giant hamster wheels and we’ve got ourselves a good time.


Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
oh... what unbalanced news!
what do U consider about it?

Diane said...

mud olympics are great when it's not 0, kissing rugby always brings a ward together. You could always do broom hockey in the cultural hall, but since they often get broken and I'm sure very few students have them to begin with I'd save that one till last. these are some things that I thought of, I wonder if I was helpful to any of the questions you asked your blog. I know who your sister is now, she did a pretty good job in Little Foxes and she had a way cute haircut when she Auditioned for the new show that I'm working on. Anyways, I'm surprised your still a member of the church. I would have thought the lack of brownie mixes an brown-haired, brown-eyed girls would have left your uniterested and inactive. Good for you though, fulfilling your calling even if it is "unfulfilling", I'm proud to call you my friend :)