Saturday, December 30, 2006

A vacation dissected

My vacation is coming to a close and once again I have to ask myself, where did it go? Well, here’s at least a partial explanation:

Tuesday: errands in Columbus
Wednesday: driving to NY
Thursday: Abducted by Aliens?
Friday: Researched video cameras obsessively.
Saturday: Bought video camera and did other last minute Christmas shopping.
Sunday: Drove to and from Syracuse. Did Christmas Eve stuff.
Monday: Christmas. Can’t expect to be too productive today.
Tuesday: Boxing Day. This isn’t really a good explanation for the day, but I’m using it anyway. I did attend a Mission Shower.
Wednesday: Returned/exchanged things, ate some white hots, caught up with Amy.
Thursday: Alias Season 5. The whole thing.
Friday: Dentist, camera supply shopping. Caught up with Vivek and Brett.
Saturday: Got ready to leave.
Sunday: singing in church, driving to OH

The real answer is watched way too much television. I watched about 18 hours of Alias, 6 hours of Record of Lodoss War, The World Championship of Pop Culture, Marie Antoinette, The Prestige, Dracula, The Descent, Superman Returns and Lady in the Water.

This is my life.


Anonymous said...

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Emily said...

Was season 5 worth it?

Erin said...

Sounds like a good vacation!

I would also be interested in your opinion of Alias Season 5. I was disappointed with it, although I thought they did a decent job of wrapping it up on short notice. And I was liking the new agents OK.