Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Brain Stew

A week ago I was too busy to write. This week I’m too lazy. Those are the two great pitfalls of blogging. But I thought I’d write to inform you, the internet, that my internal chronometer has been permanently broken.

This all started last Sunday. I was doing my normal last minute cramming for our Monday exam. In the end I went to sleep at 5 and got up at 7. I took the test, ran some errands and eventually decided to take a nap before going to Home Evening. But nothing. After an hour I got up and piddled about until the event. Then people came over to watch Monday Night Football until about midnight. So I’d gotten about 7 hour of sleep in the last three days, but still wasn’t tired. So I started playing video games, figuring I’d just stop when I got tired. I hadn’t gotten tired by 7 in the morning, but I started shivering. I figured that this shivering was my metabolism slowing down, so went and got in bed. I woke up at 11, not exactly refreshed but awake.

I had intended to leave that afternoon, but it was about 8 that night by the time I was done with all my errands. I decided not to make the 6 hour drive then because I had no idea of where my clock was. Again I stared shivering, so went to sleep around 11, waking up at 5. I don’t believe I have ever woken up at 5 without an alarm clock before, and kind of hope it never happens again.

So now I just sleep when I start shivering. Perhaps someday I’ll once again get tired when I need to sleep like a normal person.

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