Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Long Halloween

For you pop culture aficionados, the Long Halloween was a Batman series from the early nineties. It, along with Batman: Year One, serve as the major influences of Batman Begins. Now enough with that nerdage.

It seems that we’ve been celebrating Halloween for the last month. I think Halloween is great, but I don’t want to celebrate any holiday for a month. If I was into that I would be an ancient Greek. We had a Halloween dance a couple weeks back that seemed ridiculously early. This was however the only event I dressed up for, so perhaps I should consider it the main shebang. Did you know that Spellcheck recognizes shebang? Weird. In any case I went as the scariest creature in Ohio: the wolverine. My costume was too subtle for the general populace to grasp, but as proven by the title of this post, that doesn’t bother me greatly. I wore a Michigan t-shirt (which I had borrowed for use in our movie) along with a Hugh Jackmanesque leather jacket, jeans and boots. My hair is rather long at the moment (with both the general length and sideburn length violating BYU standards) so I was able to fashion my Wolverine tufts rather easily. However since it was a church dance, I wasn’t there for very long.

We had a med school Halloween dance, which I skipped to go to the ward film festival. Evidently I missed a great many slutty nurses (this seems to be the female, and sometimes male, outfit of choice this season) which was disappointing but almost certainly for the better.

The bishop had a Halloween party this last weekend, which I also missed. Instead we went to see Jon Stewart and the Daily Show cast perform. I wasn’t able to secure a seat to see the actual Daily Show, which is here at OSU all this week, so settled with this live performance. Although the moderator, a dean from the humanities department, left much to be desired, for the evening was still enjoyable. We ended up catching the very tail end of the party to search for slutty nurses, but there were none to be found.

For Halloween itself I threw a movie night. Because there is no such thing as a scary movie (I watched the Excorcist and part of Hellraiser this week, both of which failed to impress) we opted for horror/comedy. It was a close race between Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters 2 and Tremors, but the giant worms won out in the end. I can’t say that the evening was a tremendous success, but it was enjoyable. I’m not sure what a tremendous success would have entailed; perhaps reenactments and abundant praise for my taste in movies. Neither occurred, but we do have a couple new catch phrases to throw around the med school.

Next up: Thanksgiving. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan. Maybe I’ll just do Halloween again.

Song of the moment: “Transylvanian Concubine” Rasputina

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