Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A li'l sumtin sumtin

I often have excuses for ignoring this thing, but not this time. I’m lazy. But this is common knowledge, so no one should be surprised.

I’ve done some interesting things lately. I attended my first Ohio sporting event on Friday. It was not a Buckeyes game, although we did hear some Buckeye cheers, which makes no sense whatsoever at a NHL Hockey game. But really everything in Columbus goes back to the Bucks, so we just ignore it. The Bluejackets aren’t a particularly good team, but it was a fun game. Students get in for 9 bucks, which is exactly what I was willing to pay for an evening of entertainment. We played the Calgary Flames and won during sudden death. The evening was young so we followed up the game with a championship match of Trivial Pursuit. Yes, we are in fact the nerdiest people you know. I’m proud to say that we’re starting to diverge a bit from our normal Fab 5 of first year med students and even have females hanging out with us. Amazing I know. Also amazing is that my team managed to win TP against the trivia powerhouse team of Mark and Matt.

This last weekend was Stake Conference, which is unfortunate because I don’t really like our stake. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t fit well with me. At Priesthood leadership I got a couple hours of instruction about leading Aaronic priesthood quorums and how to be an effective ward mission leader. I don’t feel that this instruction was the most productive use of my Saturday night. The general session was little better. But my bishop did buy us pizza, and free food fixes most everything.

We sang in Stake Conference on Sunday, which went better than expected. We took off immediately and attended a baby blessing of a friend of ours. There were an insane number of kids in the ward (my brief headcount indicated 1:1 child to parent, with few children over 5) which made for a tumultuous meeting. But I did discover that some friends of mine from NY live in that ward so it was good to reconnect.

A good portion of Sunday night and Monday was taken up by watching over an interviewee who was staying at my place. I’ve had three BYU guys stay with us so far, but this guy was from Illinois. It’s interesting to so quickly change from the interviewee (I interviewed here in February) to the all knowing med student, who leads tours and receives rapt attention.

Well I’ve delayed studying long enough. My further musings will have to await another bout of procrastination.

Song of the moment: “Stolen Car” Beth Orton

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