Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lost Time

How could I best ruin my study time for the next test? Probably get a girlfriend. Thank goodness that hasn’t happened! But the second worst thing would probably be start watching Lost. Guess what I did this last week?

But after some less-than-productive late night sessions I polished off the second half of season 2 and am now ready for season 3 to start in a couple weeks. This show is pretty amazing people. Not worth flunking out of med school for, but close. Did you realize that the Sprite commercials with Sublymonal advertising link back to Lost? Somehow they’re connected to the Dharma Initiative. How crazy is that?

My Tivo is currently set to record the following shows:

The Office
Family Guy

If only I had time to actually watch them all.


Emily said...

Do you actually have a TIVO?

Amy-Alisa said...

At least you get in one blog a week. That's not too bad. Good luck with everything.

Erin said...

I too am excited for more Lost! Yes, it's crazy how far-reaching it has become - there are Dharma Initiative ads (anti DI ads, I should say) in magazines too.

I'm confused about House. What happened to him that for at least one episode he didn't need the cane? Feel free to answer in a separate email if you know (and feel like sharing).