Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lest a week go by unridiculed

I am alive, but studying furiously. Well sub-furiously because I’m going to give a brief movie review. But after that the furious studying shall return, and continue until Friday at roughly 2.

On Friday we saw Snakes On A Plane. You may be saying to yourself, SOAP (you have to admit it that it’s cool when acronyms are actual words) didn’t that look like the worst movie ever? This was the genius of Hollywood. They created a win-win-win situation. If the movie is great, I win by spending my dollar on it. If the movie is horrible, I win by spending my dollar and getting to make fun of it. And of course everyone wins by adding yet another movie to the Samuel L Jackson canon, in which he has played himself in every entry. The question is, which was it: great or horrible? Amazingly, stupendously, extremely satisfyingly horrible. We cracked up throughout the entire movie. Every aspect of the film was over the top, even the horrible music video they play during the credits. I enjoyed it approximately 30 times more than the Pioneer Activity we stopped by on the way there. Of course the movie was so horrible that I can’t really recommend it to anyone I know, lest they think that I believe it to be a good movie.

Back to memorizing coronary arteries and cardiac veins. Come hither sweet Friday at roughly 2.

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