Monday, August 12, 2013

Unexpected Responses

I was showing an empty room in my apartment to a potential renter. He asked what I did and I responded that I was a psychiatrist. His response:

“So why are you single?”

Are psychiatrists in high demand among single women in the church? Why has no one informed me of this? He clarified:

“So you’re a psychiatrist: why are so many Mormons still single?”

I have my views on the subject but I don’t feel like any of them were taught to me in med school.

I’m not saying that beautiful women are lazy, but I’ve noticed it’s not uncommon for very attractive women to put almost zero effort into their dating profiles. They just let their picture speak their thousand words, and let the messages roll in.

I came across a very attractive woman with such a profile and decided to send her a message. These messages are rarely successful (for me at least) because I don’t have much to say since I know almost nothing about them. So I was actually pretty surprised when I quickly got a response:

“You’re a psychiatrist? Want any yeyo or molly?”

Thanks to Miley Cyrus I know that molly is ecstasy and yayo is cocaine.  I responded no thanks, but she never wrote back.

I was going through the drive through at McDonalds (because large Diet Cokes are a dollar and apple pies are delicious) when the employee at the window said this:

“You a chiropractor?” (I was in scrubs)
“Nope, psychiatrist.”
“Should I become a psychiatrist?”
“That depends I guess . . . if you want to be a psychiatrist.”
“I think I do. I just worry about paying for it . . .

This conversation went on for about 5 minutes. He had a lot of questions, and was holding my debit card hostage. Eventually a care pulled up behind me and I was able to extricate myself.

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Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

I like these little stories very much. Also, I had a hard time with dating profiles when I tried online dating because I couldn't seem to narrow down WHAT to say. Apparently I just like to talk about myself. What if I miss something good? Don't they NEED to know that I like 90s sitcoms and have a passion for crossword puzzles? What if that detail is the winner? It stressed me out. I guess I'm not good at the whole "be mysterious" thing. Actually, this guy told me freshman year of college that I was extremely mysterious. The truth was that he often spoke too loudly so I avoided him. He can call it what he wants...