Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Circuit Crossed

Some months ago I ran a film festival. I've done a couple ward ones before, but this was a stake one so was a bit more complex. At one point someone "hacked" into the site where we stored the movies and deleted them, which I found a little bit annoying but mostly hilarious, but otherwise it went off with few hitches.

I entered a movie, but sadly didn't win. I contemplated giving myself a trophy (as I awarded 4 trophies other than the Best Picture which was voted on by the audience) since I liked mine far better than the competition, but I imagine that would have been seen as unprofessional. As it was I did manage to get the second most votes, missing out by only 2. Since another movie had over 30 people in it, who I would assume all voted for it and mine had 2, I think it did well enough. I'm waiting for Robyn and or Marina and the Diamonds to either demand I take down my video, or else put my video up on their own sites but it hasn't happened yet.

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