Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wait for it . . . wait for it

Where was the Fresh Prince from?
(West) Philadelphia
Who was the first actor to play James Bond?
Sean Connery

Who is the Senate Majority Leader?
Harry Reid
Where do these people work?
Gymnastics/the Olympics, NASA. These are both memes.

This player said he would strip naked in his final game in the NBA. When he retired in 1999 he didn’t do so.
Dennis Rodman
What non-fictitious individual has appeared on more cereal boxes than any other?
Michael Jordan.  Both members of the Chicago Bulls

Florence Nightingale served during which war?
The Crimean War. (Given the prompt that it started with C)
When is the Red Cross the Red Crescent?
In Islamic nations.

Vowels around the world
Of the 21 nations touching the Mediterranean Sea, only 3 don’t either start or end with a vowel. Name one.
Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon
Which states have the most vowels in their name?
Louisiana / South Carolina

Australian Airlines
What is the airline that crashes on Lost?
According to Rain Man, which airline is the safest?
Qantas (which has crashed, once, in WWII when it was shot down)

90s Hip Hop
Who performed “Jump Around?”
House of Pain (the song was playing during the question)
From which LA suburb was the home of the members of NWA?

When was Robert Smith in love?
What is the name of the daughter in the Addams family?
Wednesday (Blue Monday was playing during these questions)

On August 18th 1958 Vladimir Nabokov published what controversial book in the United States?
On August 18th 1920 the 19th Amendment was ratified. What effect did this have?
Women’s suffrage

Name the famous Christopher related to each of these prompts:
Cow bell-Walken
AA Milne-Robin
Sound of Music-Plummer
A Mighty Wind-Guest
Doc Brown-Lloyd

Name the artist:
Jackson Pollock
What is the secret identity of Spaceman Spiff?
Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

Which POTUS put solar panels on the White House?
Jimmy Carter
Before being classified as a dwarf planet, Ceres was the largest what in the solar system?

Name another sitcom that the cast of Family Matters visited, excluding their own?
Parents were originally on Perfect Strangers, then got their own show. Urkel visited Full House, Step by Step and was penpals with Cory on Boy Meets World
Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream has had how many #1s, tying the world record?

Same Name
This Arrested Development character shares his name with a famous musician.
George Michael (Wham played during this question)
This Office Space character shares his name with a famous musician.
Michael Bolton

What is the largest valued currency currently produced by the United States mint?
What is the largest blood vessel in the human body?

What is the name of Bart’s best friend on The Simpsons?
What US citizen holds the most patents?
Thomas Edison. An Australian currently inventing things has the world record with over 4000.

Shark Week
Place the following animals in order, from most US citizen’s killed per year to least:
Shark, Rattlesnake, Bee, Dog, Wolf
Bee - 53
Dog - 31
Rattlesnake – 5.5
Shark - 1
Wolf - 0.1


LaurenHoya said...

BTW, I'm borrowing a few of these for an FHE texting trivia challenge. Thanks :)

katilda said...

I've always been proud of myself for remembering the word "aorta." I also know more about Dennis Rodman than I want to know. And clearly...Sean Connery. I got some others too. I really shouldn't have been out of town for this one...I think I would have been a contributing player.