Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday

State of the Art - Gotye

What a weird weird weird song. Good luck getting it out of your head.

The following song contains swearing. And phat beats.

Rocket Scientist - Teddybears

If you're tired of vocoders, here's another Gotye that eschews technology.


katilda said...

i have a big fat crush on that gotye song, if you're allowed to have crushes on a song. it's been long-term and i'm getting impatient for commitment.

katilda said...

and i meant the last one you posted.

Ranteumptom said...

That seems like a bad song to try to be in a relationship with, what with it being about a failed relationship. Much better for you to fall in love with the cotillion song.

Amy-Alisa said...

Loved the first and last ones, you always find cool/weird music.