Monday, September 26, 2011

Funny Girls

One of my fondest memories is making several of my friends regurgitate. One night four of us were dining at the fine establishment known as The Spaghetti Warehouse. Admittedly, the fact that it was The Spaghetti Warehouse may have contributed to the regurgitation. But over the course of the night I was successfully able to make each of the other three laugh hard enough to cause them to spit, vomit or otherwise emit their food. It was a proud day.

I’d like to claim that the sheer magnitude of my wit caused this, but this was not really the case. It’s extremely difficult to keep up a string of jokes resulting in the loss of control of body function all on your own. The group included two of my more amusing friends. And with the momentum the three of us provided, I was able to capitalize. The four of us spent the night eating mediocre food, cracking each other up, and at times losing the mediocre food, and it was glorious.

Dates often pale in comparison. I love women, and enjoy the company of men considerably less than the average bloke. My use of the term bloke may contribute to this. But how often have I laughed uncontrollably on a date? I’d have to check my archives, but without doing the research, I’d say never.

For some reason, I’ve never thought to combine the crackup with the date, or at least to attempt to combine it. By and large, it’s because I don’t find women to be as funny as men. I’ve blogged for many years now and have covered the subject before and in more depth, but I think men tend to be funnier than women. I think it’s due to societal incentives more than inherent qualities, but it’s just there. I laugh at things men say and do much more often than what women say and do. And I’m sure part of it is that I’m a guy, and it’s not entirely that women aren’t funny, but that women aren’t funny to men.

In general, I’m in the business of removing criteria from my dating standards rather than adding them. That’s horrible advice for some people, but good advice for me. But I think I may need to add a criterion to my dating checklist. It’s not that funny women don’t exist, they’re just less common than funny men. But I like laughing. And I’d like dating more if I were laughing more. And what would be better than a couple who make each other vomit every once in a while.


Kim said...

Interesting comments because last week one of the morning talk shows on the radio was discussion how funny women were not as attractive to men. The comment was that men were intimidated by funny women. They said that men often want women to have a sense of humor, but in translation, that may just mean who finds them funny. I'm not one to hang onto every word of a morning talk show by abosultely any means. Just some interesting comments to fit with your little blurb. Personally, I think I'm funny and super attractive...take that you morning talk show.

Ranteumptom said...

Well that's why this is a bit of a recent change. I have always thought it important that a girl think I'm funny, but that's mostly because I don't know why she'd date me if she didn't. The change is looking for a girl that I think is funny, which is relatively rare, but likely worthwhile.

To be honest, I think women like to say that men are intimidated more often than they are. Why would it be a bad thing for a girl to be smart or rich or funny? It's not. It's a bad thing if they're obnoxious or self-centered or entitled BECAUSE of those qualities. Avoiding an annoying person is not the same thing being intimidated. Thankfully you're not annoying about your good qualities.