Monday, June 13, 2011


Here's the latest in my Conchords tribute series. It's the first Conchords song I heard, back in July 2007. It didn't lend itself to a public performance as well as my previous numbers, but I'm glad I worked something out.

The performance turned out well. We had hid jelly beans (aka dragon tears) under the chairs in the audience, but unfortunately the MC made a joke about hiding things under the chairs so people found the beans before the act started. But otherwise, no major snafus.

We hadn't counted on a non-YSA judge. Our 2 peers gave us 9s, but the elder statesman was going to give us a 6, but at least bumped it to a 7 due to crowd response. But he did call the act one of the weirdest things he'd ever seen, and something that would terrorize any child, so I'll take that as a 10.


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Amy-Alisa said...

My favorite is Girlfriends of the Past. The power points were pretty good.